The Benefits

The free of charge Captivate Radio Productions service is designed to drive both footfall and incremental sales.
Featuring a totally bespoke-to-site music format (as selected by the centre management).
  • No charges for provision of service or equipment
  • Instant update of music format
  • Playlist variable by hour of the day and day of the week
  • Income paid from suitable third party advertisers
  • Increase sales and average sale value
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction by entertaining
    People turn to music for relaxation, in fact music is a pre-requisite of setting the scene in many situations. The Captivate Radio Productions player software has the ability to create a positive ambiance helping customers feel more at home and to enjoy their shopping experience.
  • Contribute to better staff satisfaction and a professional sales environment
    In-store radio has a positive impact on staff. There are examples of staff who are strongly motivated by their company's in store radio product because it helps them to do a better job and makes their environment more professional.
  • Quality programming
    Consistent quality is absolutely vital for in store or retail radio. All programming is pre-planned and mixed to professional standards to ensure consistently delivered sound levels, something not achievable with the simple playing of CD's.
  • Require minimal involvement at store or support office level
    The service offering from Captivate Radio Productions is based on the absolute minimum involvement from busy retail store or support office staff. Once all the standards are set with the relevant people, Captivate Radio Productions takes responsibility to manage the entire operation to those standards with regular reporting on all aspects of the operation.

Captivate Radio The Product.